Are the homes in Riverstone of Cranston built on the Bow River flood plain?

No. Brookfield Residential has been building the grade in Riverstone of Cranston since 2004. Over 5 million cubic meters of dirt have been hauled down to lift the entire community up. The property lines of the homes that back onto the Bow River/Fish Creek park are approximately one meter above the flood way and the homes’ basements are set approximately two meters above.

How large is Riverstone of Cranston?

Riverstone of Cranston is approximately 225 acres in size. It will hold approximately 1,100 homes and 3,500 residents.

Was Fish Creek Park compromised in creating Riverstone of Cranston?

No. The land was developed from a reclaimed gravel pit. This means the land was not stripped of trees, shrubs, and other vegetation. The escarpment lands and the green space surrounding Riverstone of Cranston were then entrusted to Fish Creek Park by Brookfield Residential. Riverstone is now officially set in North America’s largest urban park.

Is a high school planned for Cranston?

Cranston does have areas designated for school sites, however the Calgary Board of Education determines where and when future schools will be built. Current plans suggest the nearest high school will be in Seton.

Will there always be just one entrance into and out of Riverstone?

No. An additional roadway will be built on the south side of the area, connecting to the existing roadway into Cranston and then onto Deerfoot Trail. The Province is responsible for overpass construction.

When will the new South Cranston entrance be opening?

The opening of the South Cranston entrance is determined by the Province, not the developer. Please visit the Alberta Transportation website for more information.

I noticed there is no residents' association facility in Riverstone. Is one planned?

Riverstone of Cranston is actually part of the community of Cranston, therefore the residents of Riverstone will be able to enjoy all of Cranston’s amenities, including Century Hall, the Cranston Residents’ Association building and heart of the community. Century Hall features a 22,000 sq. ft. facility and seven acre gated park. As with all residents’ associations in Brookfield Communities, membership is automatic and mandatory for all residents. For more information visit

Will pathways be constructed in Riverstone similar to those in the upperlands of Cranston and Fish Creek Park?

There will be a significant asphalt and gravel/limestone pathway system installed. These pathways will allow residents to safely walk up and down the escarpment, as well as walk by the Bow River. This asphalt pathway system, taking residents along the Bow River will connect to the existing Fish Creek path in the area. Trailheads, or “points of interest” will be installed along the pathways.

There are a few ponds in Riverstone of Cranston – can you swim or skate in/on them?

The ponds in Riverstone of Cranston are storm water management ponds, and can’t be used for swimming, skating or any other type of recreation. Storm ponds are frequently built in urban areas to contain storm water and release it slowly in a way that mitigates the size and intensity of stomr-induced flooding on downstream receiving waters. Storm water ponds also collect suspended sediments, which are often found in high concentrations in storm water water due to upstream construction and other activities.

I've heard there are Low-Impact Development areas in Riverstone. What does this mean?

Yes, Low-Impact Development has been incorporated into the design of Riverstone of Cranston. Deeper soils, vegetation and plantings will allow for further absorption of storm water from rain events. This will decrease the amount of storm water entering the Bow River water system.

What type of wildlife lives nearby?

The wildlife corridor on the southern end allows for safe passage of animals such as deer, moose and coyotes. Other animals often seen in the area are: bald eagles, red-tail hawks, owls and beavers.

Is there a tree-planting program in Riverstone?

Yes. Brookfield Residential has been planting trees in its communities for many years. Trees enhance the appearance of your home and the community. They provide habitat for birds and other wildlife and foster an overall greater sense of community pride. A great deal of thought has not only gone into the trees selected for Riverstone but also the overall landscaping plan for the whole community. The majority of the green spaces will be planted with natural plantings, creating unity and balance with existing vegetation. You’ll notice less typical sod and more wild grass planting and natural tree groupings versus trees being planted in rows. Recycled materials such as steel, rubber, and plastic will be used at all tot lots.

How do I get a tree through the Tree Planting Program?

Once top soil has been added to your lot, call the Tree Line Message Center at 403-516-8888 and leave a message with your name, address and telephone number. Once we have all the requested information, your lot will be scheduled to be marked for underground utilities in the next round of planting in your community. Please keep in mind the weather plays an important role in the planting process; therefore your tree may not be installed immediately following your request. Once your utilities have been marked, the Landscape Contractor will stake the location of your tree and provide a letter stating the species of the tree to be planted. Planting usually occurs a few days after staking. Brookfield Residential hires Landscape Architects to carefully design “streetscapes” that not only enhance the appearance of your home and lot, but also increase in attractiveness as the trees mature. By carefully weighing several criteria, a detailed and predetermined planting plan for the neighbourhood is prepared and specific trees are pre-purchased for each lot. For these reasons, trees are provided for your front yard only and substitution of species is not possible.

My tree is dead. What do I do?

It is specifically stated in the Tree Planting Program brochure that Brookfield does not provide a warranty for lot trees. This policy arises from the fact that the nurseries do not supply a warranty for the trees because their maintenance cannot be guaranteed. If there is an issue with your tree immediately after it is planted, please contact the Tree Line at 403-516-8888 and inform the planting coordinator.

Can I put up a fence in my yard?

Yes, homeowners are allowed to install fencing. However, they must first confirm if there is a Restrictive Covenant on their title indicating which, if any, type of fence can be installed. If there is no Restrictive Covenant, the homeowner can install any style fence, as long as it’s on or within their property boundaries and adheres to the City of Calgary Land Use Bylaw height restrictions. Information about these restrictions can be found on the City of Calgary website.

What is the colour of the stain on my developer-built fence?

If you live in a newly constructed area with a cedar fence, the stain is Sikkens Cetol SRD 077, if you live in one of the more established areas of Cranston, the stain is Super Deck from General Paint.

Who is in charge of finishing the area between my side-yard fence and the pathways/street/sidewalks?

The builder is responsible for grading these areas. However, the homeowner is responsible for maintaining them as per City of Calgary bylaws.

Who maintains the boulevards?

In areas where the boulevards have been established for more than a year, the City of Calgary owns the tree and the homeowner is responsible for maintaining the grass around it. The City is also responsible for all maintenance of fully established parks. Newly installed green spaces are maintained by the developer until ownership is turned over to the City for maintenance. Please call 3-1-1 or contact the Cranston Residents’ Association for more information about maintenance concerns.

Who is responsible for maintaining the lanes?

Lane maintenance is similar to boulevards, in that the City is responsible for those in older areas and the developer is responsible for those in newly constructed areas. More details about the City’s maintenance schedule can be found in their Community Lane Repair Schedule on

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