How large is Auburn Bay?
  • Auburn Bay consists of approximately 900 acres
  • 511 net developable acres with starter, move-up and estate product options available
  • 141 acres open space
  • Expected # of homes = approx. 7,000
  • Estimated pop = 17, 000
  • Expected build out date = 2016
What kinds of amenities does Auburn Bay offer?

Auburn Bay offers its residents a 43-acre freshwater lake with a private 13-acre beach/park site that includes beach volleyball and tennis courts, a water park, tot lots and family picnic sites. At the heart of the Auburn Bay community is Auburn House, a newly expanded 13,000 square ft. resident facility operated by the Auburn Bay Residents’ Association (ABRA). Residents of Auburn Bay have exclusive access to the gym facilities and popular community programs offered by the ABRA. For detailed information about the amenities within Auburn Bay please click here.

Auburn Bay also offers easy access to the new southeast hospital as well as the shops and services of the Cranston Market, McKenzie Towne’s High Street and 130th Avenue. For information regarding the future major shopping area in Seton, please click here to see what this new shopping district will look like.

Is there a Home Owner or Residential Association for the community? If so, what are the fees?


Annual fees for 2015/2016*:

  • Standard - $441.19
  • Lake Access - $606.67
  • Lake Shore - $882.38

*Annual fees are due April 1st each year and are subject to annual compounded inflation increases and GST.

For more details about the role, programs and events of the ABRA, visit

What’s the difference between a Community and Residents Association?

A Residents Association has full-time dedicated staff, whereas a Community Association is a volunteer organization. Residents Association’s maintain certain amenities in the community that may not necessarily be maintained by the city and provide additional recreational programming and events. The Community Association is involved in community matters (Soccer Registration and other community and City run programs) and is the voice of the community to lobby the government and City on certain initiatives.

The Residents Association is a not-for-profit company. They have mandatory membership of all property owners and an assured source of revenue to fund its operations whereas a Community Association has an optional membership and is dependent upon sponsorship and fundraising to operate.

Are there any plans to have a high school in Auburn Bay?

Auburn Bay does have areas designated for school sites, however the Calgary School Board is the governing body that determines where future schools will be located and when they will be built. Currently the nearest high school is planned to be located in the future Seton area.

When will the LRT come to Auburn Bay?

The future LRT will run parallel to 52nd Street on the east side of Auburn Bay and terminate at the south end of Seton. For more information, please call 3-1-1 or click here to visit the City of Calgary’s transit website.

When will the new South Cranston entrance be opening?

The opening of the South Cranston entrance is determined by the Province, not the developer. Please visit the Alberta Transportation website for more information.

What role does a lawyer play in a new home purchase?

You need a lawyer to protect your legal interests, such as ensuring the property that you are buying does not have any building or statutory liens or encumbrances on the property associated with it. He or she will review all contracts before you sign them, especially the Offer (or Agreement) to Purchase. Having a lawyer involved in the process will give you peace of mind and ensure that things go as smoothly as possible.

What are my responsibilities when I inspect my home at possession?

There are two main things to look for in your Occupancy Inspection:

  1. Deficiencies – these are details in the home that have not been completed at the time of inspection. Seasonal deficiencies are the most common as it is may be impractical to complete some of the required work when the weather does not co-operate.
  2. Defects – these are items that have already been installed at the time of inspection but may require more work to bring it up to a standard level of quality. These are generally cosmetic details that can easily be spotted during inspection.

For helpful guidelines and what to do if you spot a defect visit

What is the Alberta New Home Warranty Program?

The Alberta New Home Warranty program is not an insurance company, nor is it a government organization. It is a private, not-for-profit company established in 1974 by home building industry leaders. The essential part of The Alberta New Home Warranty Program’s function is to provide a process for resolving problem issues between builders and buyers. This process recognizes and respects the contractual relationship, which a builder and a purchaser have. For more information visit

Who is in charge of finishing the area between my side-yard fence and the pathways/street/sidewalks?

The builder is responsible for grading these areas, however the homeowner is responsible for maintaining them as per the City of Calgary bylaws or click here for more information.

Who is responsible for maintaining the lanes?

Lane maintenance is similar to boulevards in that the City is responsible for those in older areas and the developer is responsible for those in newly constructed areas. More details about the City’s maintenance schedule can be found in their Community Lane Repair Schedule on Or click here for more information.

Who maintains the boulevards?

In areas where the boulevards have been established for more than a year, the City of Calgary owns the tree and the homeowner is responsible for maintaining the grass around it. The City is also responsible for all maintenance of fully established parks. Newly installed green spaces are maintained by the developer until ownership is turned over to the City for maintenance. Please call 3-1-1 or contact the Cranston Residents’ Association for more information about maintenance concerns. Or click here for more information.

There are a few ponds in Auburn Bay – can you swim or skate in/on them?

The ponds in Auburn Bay are storm water management ponds. Storm ponds collect and release stormwater at controlled rates to mitigate the size and intensity of storm-induced flooding on downstream receiving waters. Stormwater ponds also collect suspended sediments, which are often found in high concentrations in storm water due to upstream construction and other activities. The water elevation in these ponds will fluctuate seasonally based on the amount of precipitation they receive. Storm ponds are not to be used for swimming, skating or any other type of recreation.

I heard there is a tree planting program in Auburn Bay. How do I get my tree and when will it arrive?

Once your lot has been top soiled; call the Tree Line Message Center at 403-516-8888 and leave a message with your name, address and telephone number.

After you have called the Tree Line Message Center and provided all the requested information, your lot will be scheduled to be marked for underground utilities in the next round of planting in your community. Please keep in mind the weather plays an important role in the planting process; therefore your tree may not be installed immediately following your request. Once your utilities have been marked, the Landscape Contractor will stake the location of your tree and provide a letter stating the species of the tree to be planted. Planting usually occurs a few days after staking. Brookfield Residential hires Landscape Architects to carefully design “streetscapes” that not only enhance the appearance of your home and lot, but also increase in attractiveness as the trees mature. By carefully weighing several criteria, a detailed and predetermined planting plan for the neighbourhood is prepared and specific trees are pre-purchased for each lot. For these reasons, trees are provided for your front yard only and substitution of species is not possible.

View the Tree Planting Program Brochure.

Is there a tree planting program in Auburn Bay?

Yes – Brookfield Residential has been planting trees in its communities for many years. The addition of trees not only enhance the appearance of your home but it also enhances the appearance of the community, provides a habitat for birds and other wildlife and fosters an overall greater sense of community pride. A great deal of thought has not only gone into the trees selected for Auburn Bay, but also the overall landscaping plan for the whole community. The majority of the green spaces will be planted with natural plantings; creating unity and balance with existing vegetation. You will notice less typical sod and more wild grass planting and natural tree groupings versus trees being planted in rows. Also recycled materials such as steel, rubber and plastic, will be used at all tot lots.

My tree is dead, what do I do?

It is specifically stated in the Tree Planting Program brochure that Brookfield does not provide a warranty for lot trees. This policy arises from the fact that the nurseries do not supply a warranty for the trees because their maintenance cannot be guaranteed. If there is an issue with your tree immediately after it is planted, please contact the Tree Line at 403-516-8888 and inform the planting coordinator.

Can I put a shed in my yard?

Homeowners must check with the City to ensure the bylaw will permit a shed. Or Click here for more information.

Can I put up a fence in my yard?

Yes, homeowners are allowed to install fencing, however they must first confirm if there is a Restrictive Covenant on their title indicating which, if any, type of fence can be installed. If there is no Restrictive Covenant, the homeowner can install whichever they like, as long as it is located on or within their property boundaries and adheres to the City of Calgary Land Use Bylaw height restrictions. Information about these restrictions can be found on the City of Calgary website or click here for more info.

My neighbour is not maitaining their yard. Is there anything you can do to help?

The City of Calgary is the resource to contact for neighbour issues. They have a “Community Standards Bylaw” that covers:

  • Addressing
  • Composting
  • Donation and Recycling Sites
  • Excavations and Ponding of Water
  • Fire on Premises (i.e. fire pits)
  • Graffiti
  • Weeds and Grass
  • Maintenance of Accessory Building Structures and Fences
  • Noise
  • Nuisances Escaping Property (i.e. water, eaves-troughs and downspouts, smoke, dust, light, flyers, debris)
  • Untidy Properties

Please refer to the city website for more information or call the City of Calgary Hotline at 311. Or click here for more information.

Who do I contact for general inquiries regarding Auburn Bay including but not limited to; street sweeping, snow removal, fence or surface repairs and/or maintenance?

For all general inquiries, please call 403.231.8900 and ask for the Calgary Land Project Assistant.

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