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At Brookfield Residential, creating ways and places to bring people together is who we are. Our passion, integrity and community spirit fuel us to build thriving communities for Albertans to call home and put down roots–and it’s been fueling us for the last 60 years.

Parks, pathways, roads and schools are all vital to the future of a community—it’s this physical foundation that shapes the way residents meet, interact, and make our city even greater. And it’s these interactions—the relationships that grow, the feeling of belonging that develops—that give rise to exceptional communities. The communities Brookfield Residential envisions when we draft our first designs and make them a reality.

Communities aren’t just a collection of houses and roads, but a feeling of fellowship with friends and family that helps you know you’re home. When you choose a home in a Brookfield community, you’re getting more than four walls and a roof. You become part of a neighbourhood that will shape your life for years to come.