We’re happy to share a touching story about Auburn Bay resident Dave, who chose the backdrop of the lake for the perfect proposal. We had an opportunity to sit down with Dave and his fiancé Natalie to learn more about their memorable day.

I would love to know a little bit about the two of you – Where where you born and where did you grow up?

Q: How did you meet?  Where do you live now?
A: We actually met online in Calgary. Even though we grew up in Nova Scotia and attended the same university at the same time, we never previously met.

Q: Tell us about your proposal plans.  TQN_6750_sm
A: All of my close friends and work friends knew about my plan to propose on the dock at Auburn Bay. I told Natalie we were just going to watch the sunset at the lake after dinner at home. The lake staff was awesome and cleared the dock for us. Since Natalie hadn’t been to the dock before, nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Timing the sunset for the week leading up to that night, we lucked out because it was the only nice day that week.

Q: How did you come to select the dock at Auburn Bay?
A: I decided to propose by the lake because it felt like a natural choice. We both grew up beside the water and I moved to Auburn Bay because of access to the lake. The dock was the perfect setting and was cozy and private enough to make this moment memorable.

Q: Describe the moment she said ‘yes’!
A: I asked Natalie to stand on the end of the dock and look at the sunset while I took a picture of her. As she walked away, I took the ring out of my pocket and asked her to turn around. Natalie doesn’t remember a word I said because she was already crying. I asked her to marry me, and naturally she said yes! It was the best moment of my life.


Q: How is the wedding planing going?
A: Natalie is a planner. She was so excited that all of the planning and booking was done over one weekend. We will be getting married next May in Fairmont, BC, surrounded by all of our friends.

Q: What does the future hold for you?
A: We hope to start a family next year and raise our children here in Auburn Bay!