Guest Blogger – Cory Christopher

When I’m hunting for holiday inspiration for my Christmas tree, there’s a secret place I visit at the store.

Instead of running to the ornament aisle, I head to the Christmas wrapping paper – a treasure trove of unexpected colours and unique patterns. Spectacular geometric wrapping paper in blue, teal and gold can be found; non-traditional for sure. This find has sparked the entire inspiration for the our 2016 Christmas tree!

20161123-DSC_6347    20161123-DSC_6467

When starting a new tree from scratch, I still want it to feel designer without breaking the bank. Instead of buying endless amounts of new ornaments, gift wrapping supplies are a great option to adorn the tree.  I start by wrapping various sizes of presents that will be nestled into the tree to fill up space and allows us to showcase the point of inspiration. 

20161123-DSC_6324Instead of a traditional tree topper, design a vignette with a festive polar bear as the focal point. I’ve added a quilt batting around our tundra friend to fill out the top. A few snowflake holiday picks help to expand the visual of the defined structure of the tree. Next, head to the inspired box of wrapping goodies and use tissue paper, a Christmas bag in matching print and several rolls of wrapping paper sticking out of the tree. Teal tinsel ribbon is perfect to add flow to the tree and creates swirls.  

Other goodies in the box are Christmas crackers, which are not just for the table either. The crackers are positioned throughout, adding to the whimsy and fun of the design. Lastly, the baubles – of course a tree isn’t complete without baubles! I’ve incorporated several tones and shapes into the tree for additional texture.  Lastly, instead of a tree skirt, I’ve opted to add leftover Christmas batting around the space to mimic fresh fallen snow.


To enhance the Christmas tree in the living room, the cabinet, coffee table and welcome side table have been dressed with white flocked garlands and a wreath. Cluster blue and teal ornaments throughout the pieces to add a pop of interest.

A great addition to the focal point is the coffee table with a winter terrarium. It has mini bottle brush trees and a snow-dusted bench nestled it into the wreath. It is a delightful little scene that adds another layer of whimsy to the design.

I hope you have fun experimenting with unique colour themes and get creative with your Christmas tree this holiday season! 

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