Snug by the fire and cocoa in hand, I welcome you all to the latest posts for our Our Place to Be. We wish you more than a joyful holiday with your family and friends, but everlasting memories and a feeling of belonging.

‘Tis the season for giving to others, honouring traditions and reflecting on the past year. We’re thankful that you’ve joined us on our journey as we explore our new voice and share the stories about our neighbours and community members.   

Like established traditions, our established communities bring purpose and strong foundations. From maturing gardens to grown-up kids, perfecting backyard rinks to fresh licks of paint, making a world of difference in our homes where the memories will bring smiles as years pass.

As we enter 2017, we celebrate change and focus our energy on the positive, promising that we are building upon our current communities, and creating new ones that are exceptional. Our communities are about the connections you make that helps you know you’re home.

Whatever your aim — whether it’s a move, fresh decor, professional development, or better health — we want to learn about your successes and share in them. Feel free to share your inspirational story or new beginning of 2017 with the greater Brookfield community. Let’s stay connected at!