Guest Blogger – Cory Christopher

Tis the season! I adore the endless excitement of hauling out boxes and getting the Christmas decorating underway. When I was younger, I couldn’t wait to start opening all of the boxes and seeing what magical displays my little brain would come up with!

20161123-DSC_575800Choosing where to decorate
With so many options for decking the halls, it can be overwhelming. Throw in kids and pets and you might be wondering how to do it all! Knowing how and where to start is crucial to holiday decorating success. I am a believer in selecting specific and focused areas of your home to decorate. Rather than filling every nook and cranny, I select areas that will have the most impact.

Kids love their own space, and when I stumbled upon this adorable nook under the stairs, I knew it provided a unique opportunity to add some festive cheer to a space for pint-size elves!

    20161123-DSC_583701  20161123-DSC_592004  20161123-DSC_595106

Define the space
First I wanted to cozy up the nook, so I used pine garland around the perimeter, woven with twinkling Christmas lights! Such an inviting entrance, and it also created a prime place for a portion of my home-made advent calendar. Now what kid doesn’t love the excitement of counting down the days until Santa’s arrival? The advent calendar uses lunch bags and clothes pins, keeping it super affordable. Add a little gift inside each, or a card to add to the holiday excitement. If you aren’t a fan of the countdown, the bags could easily be decorated by the kids, or you could add names of extended family for a special touch.

20161123-DSC_594205    20161123-DSC_617608

It’s all in the details
Inside, we used the picture rails to display a collection of Christmas books, prints and little holiday journals. Not only do they look festive and adorable, but they’re also a practical place to keep those holiday treasures most families have.

Leftover wrapping paper gets a new lease on life as a cover for a 20161123-DSC_590603side table and works well with the colour palette in the rest of the space. Simply wrap the top to add Christmas flair! If your kids are colouring monsters, kraft paper at other times of the year saves your furniture from markers and crayons! And we couldn’t leave out decorating the pint-sized trees! A few red Christmas balls and some candy canes add to the whimsy and charm of the space, and if one or two sweets go missing, you’ll know the elves have been hard at work!

Now the kids—and even some of your bigger elves—have a magical Christmas nook to read, colour and enjoy this holiday season!

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Visit this nook space at Brookfield Residential’s Van Gogh townhouse show home, located in Paisley at #24, 4470 Prowse Road SW. in Edmonton.