By: Jacqueline Boyetchko

Let’s face it – cabinets can make or break a kitchen. Whether redesigning your home or building a new one, there’s a number of questions that you need to ask yourself to help decide the best kitchen cabinets for your home. Questions about lifestyle, purpose and preference all come in to play.

We believe that cabinets are a long-term investment. You’ll need to face this decision everyday of your life.

Cabinet 5

Q: How long do I plan to be in this home?
A: Your response determines the “level” you can take things to. If you’re planning to stay in your home for years to come, you’ll likely be more invested in completely customizing your cabinetry than someone looking to sell in the next few years,.

Q: What’s the scope of the project?
A: Designing one room compared to an entire house may change what you decide for your style. There’s a difference between choosing styles and finishes to compliment existing areas or freely selecting a look that will be fluid throughout your home.

Q: Style vs. function – do I have to compromise?
A: The answer is no, you shouldn’t have to compromise. There’s just a balance between functionality and creativity that your designer can cater to. Your personal taste and style will determine the design, which leads to the type of products and finishes your cabinets will feature.

Cabinet 6

Q: What inspires you?
A: Maybe it’s a vase, sculpture or a piece of art that you adore. Don’t be afraid to bring what inspires you to your designer. In the world of kitchen cabinetry design, that’s where originality is formed.

Q: How do you want people to move through the space?
A: Do you love to entertain in the kitchen or is the kitchen a sacred place for the culinary craftsman alone? Knowing this will help determine the layout and storage options you need-and even where your lighting goes!

Q: What is your daily routine?
A: Thoughtfully designed cabinetry will help you get through your tasks with ease! Take some time to reflect on your routine and what your primary needs are. Put some thought into what you hope your investment in cabinets will provide you.

Q: Is cleaning something you love or hate?
A: The type of door style and finish you select will inadvertently determine the amount of time you’ll spend cleaning your kitchen. High gloss cabinet doors, as an example, are stunning and perhaps best kept above the counter top if you have wee ones with “little fingers” running around.

Cabinet 2

Q: Why do you love what you love?
If you’ve come this far you’ve obviously been searching for and collecting ideas that mark your heart. Get ready to clearly articulate what you love and why you love it to your designer in descriptive ways. Read more about how to organize your ideas to clearly articulate your style here.

Q: How do I pick the best professional?
A: There’s a number of things that you can look for to make sure you have the right cabinet expert for you.

  • They provide you with trusted references, that you can contact.
  • They show you samples of their finished work, whether online or in-person .
  • They ask the right questions, not only about their scope of work, but also about the entire project.
  • They are licensed and insured – and they can provide you with this documentation upon request, along with a written contract describing their scope of work.
  • They educate their clients and set expectations – timelines, products, permits and warranty.
  • Hiring the right person is the most important step in the process and not to be overlooked. It will keep your kitchen renovation on time and on budget.