Fort McMurray residents were welcomed home recently after an agonizing start to the summer. It will be a long road to recovery and the search for a new “normal” won’t be easy for most. Our hearts and thoughts go out to those impacted by the fire and whose friends and family members were displaced. Throughout the province, country and around the world, the personal efforts to help Fort McMurray and its residents during this time has been overwhelming. It’s clear that a community doesn’t stop at the city limits – together, we raise each other up to help neighbours when they need it.FullSizeRender (1)

The response and support displayed for Fort McMurray residents has strengthened hope that throughout the rebuilding that will come next, they will have help. As bystanders, we were exposed only to photos and footage of residents as they were being evacuated – I know that I felt helpless watching from Calgary. But, the stories of neighbours helping each other grab what they could from home, packing pets into already crowded trucks and providing ways to get out of town in time showed everyone, including me, what community is. At the end of the day, communities are family.

Here at Brookfield Residential, we create ways to bring people together. We’re more than a homebuilder or land developer – for 58 years, we’ve worked to give our residents a sense of home with friends and family, living in neighbourhoods with real connections.

RedCross Donation_July 11As a company, we have a family here as well. When the fires struck, our employees immediately asked what we could do – and it extended to our sister companies who also have roots in the province. We committed $100,000 to the Canadian Red Cross Alberta Fires Appeal to support the community in need. In addition, all Brookfield employee donations to support relief efforts are matched by the company, which is something we do year-round.
We also know that this doesn’t end when the fires stop. This is just the beginning of a big road ahead for our province, and our neighbours, and we’re in it for the long haul. Thank you to our employees, residents, partners and friends who have made a donation and are committed to helping rebuild Fort McMurray.

Albertans are resilient. We’re proud to call this province home. #YMMFire #AlbertaStrong