By: Angela Marchese

Extending our living spaces to the great outdoors has become a rising trend in the past decade, especially here in Alberta! We welcome the balmy summer nights that are just around the corner. In preparation, here are some affordable DIY ideas to create your Luxe Design 2very own stylish, cozy space that is functional and inviting. You can make your outdoor area as comfortable and effortless as your living room!

Feature Lighting

We love the atmosphere that string lights can give: romantic, playful and a touch of whimsy. It’s all about your mood and personality. You can’t go wrong, whether you string the lights around a tree, hang them above your porch, or outline your seating area. There are a number of options for string lights with different shapes, sizes and colours, and are battery-operated, solar powered or plugged in. If string lights aren’t your thing, even just a set of candles for low mood lighting can make a huge difference!

An Extension of the Home

OLuxe Design 7utdoor furniture has come a long way – gone are the days of plastic, toy-like pieces.

Welcome the stylish, the modern and the cushy! Designs are made in the same shapes, colours and patterns as the pieces in your living room, made with durable fabrics made to resist the rays of the sun and torture of the rain. Not much furniture is needed to make it a comfortable space: a few chairs, a sectional and a coffee table. Don’t forget the finishing touches of colourful cushions and a cozy throw so your guests can curl up under the stars.

Campfire FeelingLuxe Design 1

Sitting with friends and family around a fire pit is a favorite pastime for many. The warmth of fire and the glow of the embers is embraced on a chilly summer evening. But, we know that some of you might not like the smell of the fire or the maintenance of keeping it burning. Or perhaps you don’t have the space for a real fire pit in your backyard. You’re in luck! There are many ethanol burning outdoor fire bowls that provide the heat and create the ambience that you’re looking for.