Universally loved, paisley is a pattern that pops up everywhere from home furnishings — drapery, wallpaper, even rugs — to catwalk fashions. It’s eye-popping and instantly recognizable.

In Alberta, Paisley takes on another meaning of originality, particularly in Edmonton. Here Paisley is a prominent community character: Brian Paisley, founder of the city’s acclaimed international Fringe Theatre Festival. He is also the namesake for Brookfield Residential’s new Edmonton community.  The name was chosen because these homes highlight originality and art, two things near and dear to the Fringe Festival.

There is no community like it in Western Canada. Much like the festival Brian Paisley established, this community celebrates all that is unique, lively, colourful, and anything but boring.  Each home has its own special characteristics and individual designs. Modern homes are constructed side-by-side with more traditional designs. Some homes are “reversed,” where the front of the homes open up onto green space instead of facing the street.  This emerging trend affords homeowners better views and ready access to more amenities. Paisley_Grand_Opening_020

Fittingly, Paisley community stands out for its art installation. Four important sculptures — inspired by the shape of Nepenthes plants mostly foundin Southeast Asia — were created by Seattle artist Dan Corson. They celebrate diversity and creativity, lighting the area at night. Standing beneath the sculptures, they appear to dance.

To learn more about the homes available in the artful and original community of Paisley, visit here. Paisley might just be the neighbourhood you’ve been looking for.